Criminal Defense

Are you facing criminal charges?

You may potentially face jail or prison time if you are convicted of a crime. Your criminal record becomes a part of your name and identity. Career opportunities, credit, mortgage, loans, and renting may become difficult if not entirely frustrated due to a prior criminal record. The cost and penalty of a criminal record could reach half-a-million dollars if not more over the course of a lifetime. A criminal defense attorney can protect you, your future, and your families future.

When do you need a criminal defense attorney?

The best time to contact a criminal defense attorney is as soon as the police start asking you questions. Your attorney can help protect your rights before you are arrested and potentially stop charges from being filed.

If you contact a criminal defense attorney after you are arrested, he or she can reach out to the prosecuting attorney and attempt to have the charges dismissed. If there is overwhelming evidence against you and an aggressive prosecuting attorney, he or she can still negotiate, mitigate, and present exculpating evidence on your behalf to have the charges reduced.

Remember, a quality criminal defense attorney will always take into consideration your right to a trial. When the offer is not to your benefit, make sure your criminal defense attorney will step up and stand by your side in a trial. On the other hand, the consequences of losing a trial can be severe, and so it is important to have a quality criminal defense attorney to help evaluate any plea offers before trial.

Sealing your records?

Depending on the type of case and outcome, a criminal defense attorney can also help protect your future by having the details of the case, the case records, the case history, and the case documents sealed and prevent the public from viewing intimate details.

What do you need first?

Before you contact a criminal defense attorney, make sure you have as much information about the arrest, the charges, the court date, the court location, and the bail amount (if you do not have a bail amount yet, you may need an attorney to argue for a bond during a bond hearing – please inquire if this is your situation and you or a loved one has recently been arrested).

Talk to your criminal defense attorney about potential supplemental services such as hiring a private detective, chemical scientist for drug testing, psychologist for mental health screening, or trial preparation services.


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